We Were Hacked!!!

October 20, 2014

Just an update to let you all know that PNN was in a standstill over a web hack which forwarded our visitors to iwebgator.com. We are still in investigation over the incident, but all is now good on the PNN web front. We lost some articles, video links and content, but we have the backup in place and are now working to restore lost time.

On another note, patriotnewsnetwork.com is NOT affiliated with us in any way shape or form. We noticed the convenient timing of their site going up and search-ability on the net increasing because of our site being hacked. We are not pointing fingers, but are certainly confused as to why a new site would try to use our name in order to steal web traffic when they are supposedly on the "same side" of the political spectrum of truth. We will continue to fight to get the news out the best we can. Please stay tuned as our site grows. We will not be silenced nor ignored.